This club is temporarily closed due to Power Outage from 11/27/2017 10:00 PM to 11/28/2017 4:00 AM.
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05:45 AM
Cycle Zone (Carla)* Cycle Zone (James)
08:30 AM
Cycle (Jasmine) Body Works Plus Abs (Jill) Boot Camp Conditioning (Amanda) Cycle (Amanda) Yoga (Jill) Body Works Plus Abs (Violetta) Step Plus Abs (Erin)
09:00 AM
Aqua Fit (Kimberlie) Aqua Fit (Tina) Aqua Fit (Kimberlie) Aqua Fit (Violetta)
11/25 only1
09:45 AM
Body Works Plus Abs (Christine) Cycle (Amanda)* Mat Pilates (Kelley) Body Works Plus Abs (Erin) Zumba® Class (Tauvalea) Boot Camp Conditioning (Jill)* Cycle (James)
11:00 AM
Yoga (Kellie)
11/26 only1
Yoga (Cherie) Zumba® Class (Laura) Yoga (Kelley) Body Works Plus Abs (Ann) Yoga (Noelle) Yoga (Lisa)
11/25 only1
04:30 PM
Body Works Plus Abs (Chelsy)* Yoga (Lisa) Boot Camp Conditioning (Amanda) Mat Pilates (Erin)
05:45 PM
Cycle (Crystal)* Step Plus Abs (Erin) Zumba® Class (Cynthia) Body Works Plus Abs (Mary Jane) Zumba® Class (Liz)
06:00 PM
Aqua Fit (Dorothy) Aqua Fit (Dorothy)
07:00 PM
Yoga (Kellie) Zumba® Class (Rosedy) Cycle (James) Zumba® Class (Sandra)
08:00 PM
Zumba® Class (Liz) Yoga (Erin) Zumba® Class (Liz) Yoga (Cherry)
* Substitute instructor    Cancellation Reason(s): 1Holiday Schedule last updated on 11/15/2017.
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