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My story has only just begun, I am in my 40's, unemployed, need hernia surgery and weighed 407 lbs. I could have given up on myself or I could have had obesity surgery. I refused to accept what life was giving me, I made a choice to live. I went to LA Fitness and spoke to one of the kindest men I have ever met. He seemed to really care (Oscar Mosqueda), he signed me up for a personal training which was the best decision of my life. I now weight less than 300 lbs with the extraordinary help of my trainer (Eric Diaz). Eric helps me with my diet and exercise and he also cares. I am at the gym five days a week. Best of all I found new supportive friends, IT is my second home. Also, the other trainers have been incredibly supportive such as Ivan (the Adonis- fantastic body) who asks me how I am and how are my workouts. Then Patricia (the Greek Goddess- gorgeous) she is my cheer leader, whenever I am down I seek her out because she will make my day. I am still working at it!
Maribel Lebron
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